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Zion Yoga is an intimate studio in the heart of Fairfax.  Our intent  is to bring body, spirit, and mind into a permanent state of "oneness," connecting us to our state of inner peace.  This improves our well-being in all aspects of our life by eliminating stress and anxiety, improving our immune system.  Yoga & meditation have been proven to benefit our lives on all levels.  As we practice, we achieve better physical health, while mindfulness permits us to improve our interactions and relationships with others.  Zion Yoga's knowledgeable instructors share the wonderful benefits of yoga by offering daily Vinyasa, Yin, Gentle Flow, and Yoga/Meditation classes in addition to workshops and private services.  We also provide Astrology Consultations, Natal Charts and interpretations, and other private services.

​Zion Yoga is honored to be of service to you and the community as we all travel our path of self-discovery!

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