$10.00  -  student (currently enrolled University students)

$12.00  -   service members, veterans, and seniors (60+)

$15.00  -   drop-in class

$65.00  -   five-class package

​*packages expire three months after date of purchase*​​



A fluid style of yoga that links movement with breath for a mind-body workout.  The Vinyasa style of yoga generates heat, builds strength and flexibility, and focuses the mind.  Sequences will be linked using sun salutations.  Classes end with a deep relaxation.  Modifications will be shown to guide each student to their own personal edge.

Benefits include:

 -  Increased balance and stability

 -  Increased energy levels

-   Reduced stress

-   Improved posture and alignment

-   Promotes mental clarity and focus

-   Improves cardiovascular strength


Every breath, every action in our lives can be a meditation when we stay present within the moment, the Now.  This class is designed to bring awareness of our physicality, mind, and spirit through slow-flowing meditative movements.  The benefits include reduction of stress, emotional release, and a sense of inner well-being and peace.   Open to all levels and great for beginners. 


Explore the magnificence of your inner being while reducing the stress, anxiety, negativity, and confusion of today's world!  The practice of meditation brings forth creativity, mindfulness, unity, improved relationships with people in your life, healing, and peacefulness while experiencing your everyday life.  Our classes are designed to assist you in achieving that goal and developing the tools for your own meditation practice.​​


​​For moms in 2nd and 3rd trimester. An opportunity for you to dive deeply into your own inner waters and explore nature, truth, universal connectivity and to practice radical self-care. In prenatal yoga the focus is to prepare the body and mind for labor, birth and motherhood. We prepare for these events by releasing tension, maintaining good posture, learning to relax on command, keeping a positive outlook and clearing the mind of the stresses of pregnancy. Yoga is an excellent exercise option during pregnancy. It can help to soothe your aches and pains, help to reduce stress, teach you to relax and help prepare you for childbirth and motherhood. We focus on stretching and strengthening muscles, alleviating common pregnancy discomforts, and we teach proper breathing and relaxation techniques. Prenatal yoga presents women the opportunity to deepen their connection with their bodies, babies and other pregnant women in the community. Beginners are welcome, no previous yoga experience is required.