Private Yoga Sessions - Private sessions are available for students beginning the practice of Yoga and those seeking more individualized attention.  In these one-on-one classes, the instructor will provide alignment, posture, and important modifications specific to the student.

Sound Therapy - ​For thousands of years humans have used music, tone, and vibrational frequencies for healing purposes.  When we listen to music, our bodies and our emotions respond to that which we are listening to.  There have been scientific studies and proof of the benefits of certain frequencies on our emotional and physical well-being.  Sound therapy increases our general overall sense of well-being, both emotional and physical, balances our subtle energy body, increases clarity, and reduces stress.  It assists the body in the process of self-healing.

Metaphysical Consulting - One-hour private consulting session for any questions/concerns while walking the path of your self-discovery.  Meditation techniques suggested for the student.

Astrology ConsultingNatal chart interpretation or specific consult regarding any specific area of life in question.  One-hour session.

To schedule a private session, please e-mail  us.